Applied Genomics Members

Crystal Jaing.  Group Leader. Microarray development: rapid and accurate diagnostic DNA detection assays to characterize a broad range of viral and bacterial pathogens




Nicholas Be. Characterization of microbial communities and pathogens that are of interest to public health and national defense.

Celena Carrillo Detection and identification of biological threat agents including human and agricultural pathogens with an emphasis on development, optimization, characterization, and validation of detection methods

Todd Corzett. Preparation of biological samples for the detection of protein-adducts resulting from chemical exposure

Maher Elsheikh. Innovative biodetection techniques; screening for potential broad spectrum antibiotics



Stephanie Malfatti. Applying microbiology and molecular biology techniques and analytical methodologies to mission critical short-term biodetection and bioremediation goals:  Sequence assembly and comparative analysis as applied to microbial pathogens and to the study of microbial communities relevant to energy and the environment.  


Jason Olivas. Real Time PCR (qPCR), PCR/rtPCR, assay development, sequencing, instrumentation and automation, and tissue/cell culturing.

José Peña.  Microbiology/Virology   Understanding host-pathogen interactions with specific interest in signaling pathways as potential targets for development of anti-microbial/viral drugs. Additional interests include development of point-of-care rapid detection assays for drug-resistant bacteria and viral detection.



James Thissen: numerous biodetection projects involving DNA and protein microarrays 

Elizabeth Vitalis: Biomedical Scientist; contributes to a range of nucleic acid and protein based detection projects including host-based peptide array, sepsis diagnosis detection panel, mAb development in collaboration with CDC poxvirus group; viral evolution studies